The Little Blue Box That Saves You A Lot Of Green!

JK Junior Wellhead Containment Unit

Save time, money & the environment

Designed to Fit Most Stuffing Boxes

The JK Junior Containment is the simple way to save time, money & the environment & is designed to fit most stuffing boxes in the oil & gas industry.

Easy Installation

The JK Junior Containment is an innovative wellhead containment that is easily installed at the stuffing box of a wellhead.

Self Wicking Lubrication System

This system uses a felt which not only lubricates the polish rod and packing, but also lowers fluid temperature caused by friction, by wicking oil up the felt.


High Level Shutdown Switch

The standard high level switch is designed to automatically shut down the wellhead when the JK Junior Containment has reached full capacity.


Reduce unnecessary Shutdowns

The dust cap located on top of the JK Junior Containment prevents rain water from seeping into the JK Junior Containment, which can cause unnecessary shutdowns of the wellhead.

Why Choose JK Junior

Patented in 6 COUNTRIES

The JK Junior Containment currently has patents in Canada, United States, Australia, Russia, China, & Saudi Arabia, with more to come! 


Solid Steel Construction

The solid steel reservoir is one piece, not a wrap-around. The body is also powder coated to prevent corrosion caused by the elements, saltwater spray, & solvents.

Save Time & Money

Think of the JK Junior Containment as a little added insurance for your wellhead. It is The Little Blue Box that Saves A Lot Of Green.

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